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The grand 101ellwood kitchens

The grand kitchen where sumptuous meals are cooked is one of the most appealing features of the 101ellwood kitchens. Residents get a gas range, a 4-stove burner with oven, a large refrigerator with freezer, a wide area for slicing vegetables and preparing food, and all cooking tools and utensils.

The excellent stainless appliances, furniture and fixtures inside the 101ellwood kitchens are matched with the marvelous interior space that expresses an extraordinary atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every location, as well as inside each apartment unit. 

You wouldn’t feel enclosed inside the kitchen, and since the kitchen and dining room are contiguous, you get more moving and breathing space. Serve all your cooked meals at the dining table which is a few feet away. Lighting is excellent inside the kitchen. 

Pantries are available in select units inside those attractive wall cabinets and vaults. There are two large cabinets filled with plates and everything you need, there are two medium sized cabinets where you may find the knives and cutlery, and two small cabinets on the same upper wall. Just find anything you need for cooking. The handsome cutting boards are there inside one of those cabinets. 

If you’re a cooking aficionado, you’ll love the 101ellwood kitchens. If you have stocked all your recipes and mixes inside the fridge and cabinet stocking areas, then you’re ready for the next cooking bout. 

You also get a wine rack and sauce rack. It’s pretty cool and easy to handle, the 101ellwood kitchens. You’ve got plenty of cabinet spaces too. The kitchen has four large glass windows where you can see the outdoors as you cook, giving you a sense of open relief and breathing space. 

You can listen to music, or watch TV if there’s not much more to do, and just before noon, you may wish to fry that burger at the kitchen and slice up some tomatoes and cucumber. A cool drink mix to be placed in the refrigerator would be fine. 

There’s a small wall that divides the kitchen and the dining area, yet you won’t feel cramped or closed-in by the kitchen area. Spaciousness is a marked feature of 101ellwood kitchens

Its convenient living inside the kitchen with the all the appliances. All these are arranged in such a way that when you move around the high-ceiling kitchen, it would be easy to cook just about anything, from lasagna to cakes. 

You can stock all your recipes and mixes inside the fridge and cabinet stocking areas, Wine racks and sauce racks are also available. Make good use of the valuable 101ellwood appliances. You can visit site http://www.101ellwood.com/

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